Your Dental Clinic in Barcelona

Muntaner, 373, 2º 1ª, Sarrià – Sant Gervasi

Why us?

Concordance and trust, key elements in every relationship

Clínica Dental Padrós-Creus Muntaner provides all the tools for both factors to be born.

We dedicate the maximum effort so that our patients feel cared for, accompanied and pampered. We explain medical processes in detail, as patient-dentist communication creates peace of mind and security.

Our entire team looks after, fundamentally, your oral health, as a guiding pillar to assume. We focus on this goal for the rest of the aesthetic, surgical, prosthetic treatments…

We work and train with enthusiasm to be up-to-date and offer cutting-edge facilities and technologies. We live dentistry with passion, commitment and dedication. We understand that the smile hides vital and emotional functions. We look for the ideal solution for each patient.

We will be proud to give our services to you.