Your Dental Clinic in Barcelona

Muntaner, 373, 2º 1ª, Sarrià – Sant Gervasi


Passion, perseverance
and skill

Clínica Padrós was founded in Barcelona in 1963 by Drs. Eduardo Padrós Fradera and Ana María Serrat Cavalleria. With a lot of effort and perseverance, our clinic has been evolving, and now, the transmission of knowledge and the passion for dentistry have paved the way for the third generation of professionals. The family tradition is currently being extended with the presence of new highly qualified clinicians, who follow the same work philosophy.

A long road, a lot of dedication and effort that culminates in the transmission of the direction of the clinic to Dr. Nicolás Padrós Creus. A great legacy that continues to care for our patients and awaits all those who believe in our team.

«A saga dedicated to this beautiful profession, where everyone gives its best, learns, grows and evolves»

Dr. Nicolás Padrós Creus
Dr. Nicolás Padrós with his grandparents, Dr. Eduard Padrós and Dr. Ana María Serrat
The founders of the clinic Drs. Eduard Padrós and Ana María Serrat
The beginnings of the Clinic